New Year

Don’t you just love New Years? I do!  I feel like it is a clean slate, a new start to what ever a person wants to learn or start or try.  Of course just about every person I know says or does the typical–“I want to lose weight.” “…need to drink more water & …exercise & …read & …meditate & …organize…..  Ya, I say yes to all this things too!  Plus more blogging, and more painting!  Never enough painting!!  But how does a person keep those resolutions?  Because every year I say the same thing.  The exact same thing!

So, cheers to a fresh start.  To 2016, the best year yet!!



DSC_1800 DSC_1804DSC_1801

What is new in the viewers world? Any comments welcome (also so I know someone, anyone is reading me) but maybe just adding my random words and pictures out into the virtual abyss the energy will help another creative person.

This week is still more computer and paper work. Still writing artist statement, bio, and descriptives for paintings. Today worked on my Artspan website, which seems to be glitchy (totally a technical term) and figuring out a pricing list.  Interestingly I did receive an email from a potential customer asking about my pieces and prices.  However, the email didn’t seem right, sorta broken english and demanded that she could only pay with a cashier’s check.  Red flags are up and I googled the name, sure enough there were many other artists out in the world that have already been contacted by this scammer, thief, criminal….ah-hem! Anyway, maybe the fact that criminals are trying to steal my art means I am actually being seen?!  What if??

busy work, is not fun work :(

Painting is fun.  Painting is stimulating.  Painting is therapy, it relaxes and and excites me all at the same time.  Watching the brush strokes and colors blend or bounce off each other is thrilling.  Probably why hours can pass and feel like minutes.  Easily could spend 90% of my time covered in paint, or glue, or charcoal, or pastels, or gesso….I think you get what I am talking about.  But to sit in front of a computer and write an artist statement, biography, and cover letters; is not my idea of fun or exciting.

However, to look at the glass in a more ‘half-full’ mentality I need to realize that I am progressing in my art, which is why I am now at the point where I need those important items.  I am starting to look at submitting to galleries.  Never thought that was even possible 2.5 years ago, but today totally jacked about it!!!

Submitting to galleries is completely foreign to me, I have little to no experience with a gallery.  I love art, all kinds of art, but never have lived-in areas where galleries where readily available.  This will be a trial and error expedition.  One where I am bound to make many mistakes, but that is when I learn the most.  Here we go… be continued 🙂

Random creativity 

Where does the creative spark come from?  Some days are easier than others.  Some days it’s like chalk scratching the painful inner’s of my ears.  Yet, the angst feels good, it feels like a breakthrough is right at the cusp.  Paintings seem to go through stages. The toddler throwing paint and making a mess, all possibilities are open like a child’s future.  Then comes the teenager phase; dorky, gangly, more awkward than not. Then when you least expect it, comes the glimpse of what you were trying to achieve.  #abstract #findthespark #creativity

MIA….again! Been busy….

Just got back from a wonderfully inspirational art retreat!  One week filled with artists and creativity, I highly recommend it!!  Took time to self-reflect, make lists for motivation and I have landed with my feet on the ground to keep moving forward!  Many of my hangup’s come from a guilty feeling, because I am leaving the medical world and ignoring all my education for nursing to follow a different course.  So, here and now I am declaring that the stethoscope will stay in a drawer and the paintbrush in MY hand!!  Sounds wonderful! What would your life look like if you could just easily move towards what calls you? What would that feel like?


This is the first layers in a painting I was working through at the retreat. Love the colors, looks both romantic and dreamy. I had to mail all my canvases and supplies home, I will be waiting several days to see these lovely creations again. Can’t wait to continue adding layers!

color palette


Such a great day, playing in paint, moving forward with business.  Learning and stretching my knowledge with websites, blogs, and jpeg’s.  Today’s palate is reminding me of clouds and reflections.  Bright orange pops and yet feels warm behind the grey’s.  Love!!  What is on your palette today?   #colorpalette  #icouldpaintallday

small business opening soon….

Very exciting things are happening in the studio.  Art is every where!  Canvases drying, some are getting varnished, some are in the middle layers waiting for attention.  Others are complete, looking beautiful and ready to be hung.

Now the other parts of opening a new business like websites, taking and editing photos, cataloguing and organizing jpeg’s, ordering packaging supplies, and talking at length with freight companies…. yeah, not as much fun as playing in paint!!

Just remember the climb is one step at a time.  IMG_1891