Online Galleries

Currently, I have art pieces on both and  One site receives much more traffic than the other, which is interesting to see.  In fact, I am thinking about pulling all the art from one and just focus on the other (Saatchi)  The website is beautiful, easy to navigate and better yet, easy to utilize.

This is one of my most current pieces, Silver Lining Days, 30×48, acrylic on canvas.  This piece has lots of texture and a depth that is almost haunting.  Painting this piece I thought of how when we don’t think the day or days are going good, I am reminded to look within and find the silver linings.  Kids are wild, I am thankful for their exuberant personalities; house is a mess, I am thankful for a home with family.  There are always silver linings to see through a situation and change my attitude.

DSC_1992 (1)

©Jennifer Loew Studio, Silver Lining Days, Acrylic on canvas, 30x48x1.5. $900

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