Is it spring yet?

I know we are not even close to spring, but I have had a cleaning bug in the studio.  I needed to clean and organize so I could feel more relaxed when creating.  We are temporarily living in a rental, so I took the basement over…which means I cannot totally go crazy and throw as much paint around as I would like too!  However, this weekend we put a carpet remnant down and got some fabulous carts for all the delicious paint.  Now I am ready to hit the canvas again.

Here are the 2 before pictures.  What a mess!!!

Then here are 2 after pictures.  Feels so good to be more organized.  New plastic and the carpet is down, all the paints put into carts…..

Carts from Harbour Freight 

Tomorrow I will be able to put a whole day in painting.  Hopefully take some pictures and update progress.  Until later…….

#artstudio   #cleanlinessforcreativity  #needahouseelf

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