Little Bit everyday….

Several days ago I wrote about resolutions for the New Year and questioned, how do you change habits to become lifestyle?  Little bit everyday?  Try to remember those resolutions daily and learn how to balance better habits?  That is my game plan.  I get so off balance and then totally get off track every year.  This week my husband and I have started a juice cleanse.  Drinking only only cold-pressed fruit/veggie juices for 3 days.  Seems hard right now, but the juices are very tasty.  I have learned that I soothe myself with food.  Something goes wrong I want to eat.  Something is going good, I want to eat.  We go somewhere, I want to eat.  Good Lord, just stop eating!!!

If anyone is actually reading these, you will find I have a horrible history with not blogging consistently!  Another thing I want to change.  So, I will be trying to do a little bit every day.

Here is what I worked on over the past few days.  I small glimpse into some creating….




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