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What is new in the viewers world? Any comments welcome (also so I know someone, anyone is reading me) but maybe just adding my random words and pictures out into the virtual abyss the energy will help another creative person.

This week is still more computer and paper work. Still writing artist statement, bio, and descriptives for paintings. Today worked on my Artspan website, which seems to be glitchy (totally a technical term) and figuring out a pricing list.  Interestingly I did receive an email from a potential customer asking about my pieces and prices.  However, the email didn’t seem right, sorta broken english and demanded that she could only pay with a cashier’s check.  Red flags are up and I googled the name, sure enough there were many other artists out in the world that have already been contacted by this scammer, thief, criminal….ah-hem! Anyway, maybe the fact that criminals are trying to steal my art means I am actually being seen?!  What if??

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