busy work, is not fun work :(

Painting is fun.  Painting is stimulating.  Painting is therapy, it relaxes and and excites me all at the same time.  Watching the brush strokes and colors blend or bounce off each other is thrilling.  Probably why hours can pass and feel like minutes.  Easily could spend 90% of my time covered in paint, or glue, or charcoal, or pastels, or gesso….I think you get what I am talking about.  But to sit in front of a computer and write an artist statement, biography, and cover letters; is not my idea of fun or exciting.

However, to look at the glass in a more ‘half-full’ mentality I need to realize that I am progressing in my art, which is why I am now at the point where I need those important items.  I am starting to look at submitting to galleries.  Never thought that was even possible 2.5 years ago, but today totally jacked about it!!!

Submitting to galleries is completely foreign to me, I have little to no experience with a gallery.  I love art, all kinds of art, but never have lived-in areas where galleries where readily available.  This will be a trial and error expedition.  One where I am bound to make many mistakes, but that is when I learn the most.  Here we go…..to be continued 🙂

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