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Currently, I have art pieces on both and  One site receives much more traffic than the other, which is interesting to see.  In fact, I am thinking about pulling all the art from one and just focus on the other (Saatchi)  The website is beautiful, easy to navigate and better yet, easy to utilize.

This is one of my most current pieces, Silver Lining Days, 30×48, acrylic on canvas.  This piece has lots of texture and a depth that is almost haunting.  Painting this piece I thought of how when we don’t think the day or days are going good, I am reminded to look within and find the silver linings.  Kids are wild, I am thankful for their exuberant personalities; house is a mess, I am thankful for a home with family.  There are always silver linings to see through a situation and change my attitude.

DSC_1992 (1)

©Jennifer Loew Studio, Silver Lining Days, Acrylic on canvas, 30x48x1.5. $900

art business

An art business isn’t just about painting.  How did I not know that?  I love to paint, I could paint all day, every day!  However, if you you want to be a full time selling artist and more than a hobby artist; there are many more things to think about and learn.   First, you have to look inside yourself and define what you really want-galleries? art fairs? craft shows? fine art? abstract? expressionism?  product lines? prints? originals?  You have to learn to put yourself “out there,” which means being seen!

This shouldn’t be hard, but the reality is, for me- it is really hard!  I have been painting seriously for about 3 years.  In those 3 years I took some online classes, one retreat with a great artist Jeanne Bessette, and worked a lot!!  Some weeks painting for 20-30 hours (hard to do with a family) all of this to develop my “voice” and I am still working and developing that every day.

I have always been considered “creative” using outlets like scrapbooking, knitting, cross stitch, and making paper crafts (cards, notepads, journals) for many years.  However, that was never really satisfying.  It would be like smelling an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, but never getting to take a taste. Painting is different.  It takes me to another place, sounds corny–I would have thought that too if I read that 🙂 but it does!  When I paint, I can completely fall into a zone and feel calm and excited at the same time.  Some days are not as easy as others.  Some days stepping up to the canvas is difficult, but it is always exciting!

Here are some snippets:


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layers 1 & 2

Here is a glimpse into the process of my painting.  I paint intuitively, I feel my way around the canvas with color and marks.  I try to find excitement and pleasant calm all in one place.  Painting is a type of meditating for myself.  I get lost in time.  It almost feels like your brain is on auto drive, just grabbing colors, moving without a driven purpose.  It is bliss to me; HOWEVER….there is a time in every painting where a person has to stop playing and actually make some decision.  This is the part I am trying to figure out to enhance my art and find my voice.  What is important to me in a painting?  What is important to you?



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Is it spring yet?

I know we are not even close to spring, but I have had a cleaning bug in the studio.  I needed to clean and organize so I could feel more relaxed when creating.  We are temporarily living in a rental, so I took the basement over…which means I cannot totally go crazy and throw as much paint around as I would like too!  However, this weekend we put a carpet remnant down and got some fabulous carts for all the delicious paint.  Now I am ready to hit the canvas again.

Here are the 2 before pictures.  What a mess!!!

Then here are 2 after pictures.  Feels so good to be more organized.  New plastic and the carpet is down, all the paints put into carts…..

Carts from Harbour Freight 

Tomorrow I will be able to put a whole day in painting.  Hopefully take some pictures and update progress.  Until later…….

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Little Bit everyday….

Several days ago I wrote about resolutions for the New Year and questioned, how do you change habits to become lifestyle?  Little bit everyday?  Try to remember those resolutions daily and learn how to balance better habits?  That is my game plan.  I get so off balance and then totally get off track every year.  This week my husband and I have started a juice cleanse.  Drinking only only cold-pressed fruit/veggie juices for 3 days.  Seems hard right now, but the juices are very tasty.  I have learned that I soothe myself with food.  Something goes wrong I want to eat.  Something is going good, I want to eat.  We go somewhere, I want to eat.  Good Lord, just stop eating!!!

If anyone is actually reading these, you will find I have a horrible history with not blogging consistently!  Another thing I want to change.  So, I will be trying to do a little bit every day.

Here is what I worked on over the past few days.  I small glimpse into some creating….